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The product outline page was designed to help you better understand the nature of our products and installation options

Tiles & Borders
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Tumbled Field Tile
Tumbled Marble Tile
Honed Field Tile
Honed Marble Tile

Tumbled marble tiles have chipped, slightly rounded edges. They create the beautiful old world, disressed look that complements most of the fine art masterpieces from the past.
Tile size available: 4 x 4, 6 x 6 & 8 x 8

Honed marble tiles have straight edges. They comlement all art styles, especially contemporary
Tiles Size available: 6x6 x 3/8

Antique Border
Artistic Border
Chair Travertine Molding
Antique and artistic borders are used along edges
of installation area.
Borders size available is 6 x 3 and 8 x 4"
Moldings are installed around murals and help bring out their artistic value.
Available size:12L x 2W x 1H
Moldings are cut to size by your tile installer.

Installation View

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Tumbled marble mural, not grouted

Tumbled marble mural, grouted

Honed marble mural, not grouted

Honed marble mural, grouted

The pictures above show the difference between tumbled & Honed tile murals, as well as a grouted and non-grouted surface

Artistic Borders

The pictures above show a backsplash section with artistic borders installation options

Accent Tiles


The pictures above show a backsplash section with different installation options

There may be variation in color or texture between pictures and actual tiles

Murals & tiles are shipped unassembled, along with installation instructions

For further information visit our FAQ & Installation pages


Finest hand crafted wall murals on Italian marble tiles to decorate your home or business

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